Performance Based SEO Pricing

Simple and Easy Performance Based Pricing

Pricing Part 1 - We Charge a ONE TIME Setup Fee for EACH Keyword

Pricing Part 2 - AFTER your chosen keyword(s) is(are) ranked in the TOP 10 of Google, You will be charged a SUCCESS FEE based on RANKINGS ACHIEVED

Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)


$20 Setup Fee Per Keyword (1st 25 Keywords)
$15 Setup Fee Per Keyword (26-50 Keywords)
$10 Setup Fee Per Keyword (50+)

As Low as $1 Per Keyword (w/1st Campaign)


Ranking Position 1-3 - $10 Per Keyword Monthly

Ranking Position 4-10 - $2 Per Keyword Monthly

Google Business Profile Ranking


Verified Self Owned- $200 Setup Fee
Not Verified Self Owned - $400 Setup Fee
Not Verified Setup - $150


*Maps Ranking 1-3 - $5 Per Keyword Per 1 Mile

*Maps Ranking 4-10 - $2 Per Keyword Per 1 Mile

*Fee is Quadrupled for Self Owned Google Business Profiles
* Minimum of 3 Payment Cycles Required After 1st Results Bill

*1st Campaign Setup Special Details

*FIRST CAMPAIGN ONLY CAP of $1,000 to your total setup fee (max 1000 keywords )

25 Keywords

Setup: $500

Savings: $0

Per: $20

50 Keywords

Setup: $875

Savings: $0

Per: $17.50

100 Keywords

Setup: $1,000

Savings: $0

Per: $10

250 Keywords

Setup: $1,000

Savings: $1,500

Per: $4

500 Keywords

Setup: $1,000

Savings: $4,000

Per: $2

1000 Keywords

Setup: $1,000

Savings: $9,000

Per $1

How are the success fees determined?

Success fees are determined using ranking reports created by a 3rd party rank tracking software called serprobot. This software shows us all the rankings listed in the top 3 positions as well as those positioned in the top 10. All reports will/can show slight differences even if run on the same day. The results shown in this report as of when we ran it will be finalNOTE: Items billed as part of the top 3 will not be billed as a top 10 item

What does the setup fee cover

The setup fee covers part of the work we do to create the ENORMOSITE website we are using to target your keywords including but not limited to the domain we are using, website creation, coding, content, images as well as the work involved to implement out "ALL the STOPS" SEO Process.

When will the first success fees be determined?

Since we need to build out the website first, we typically will begin running our ranking reports starting somewhere between 30-60 days after your initial enrollment date. You will be billed your initial success fees once we start seeing billable items.

How are future billings determined?

Once your initial billings are determined, a new report will be generated each month on or about the same day. This new report will be used to generate billing for the previous month and this process will be used each month going forward.

How do I add more keywords?

To add more keywords please submit a request to us along with a payment for the setup fee for each keyword you are wanting to add, these keywords will be added to the tracking software within a week and billing will start immediately.

Due Date of Invoices

All Success Fee invoices are due and payable within 5 days, after 5 days there is a $5 per day late fee. We also reserve the right to change contact information on the website. To change the number back there will be a $50 fee

Refund Policy

There are NO REFUNDS, you agree that you are paying us for an online service setup and monthly rental fees for use of our ranking services. All payments made are for work already done


You are free to cancel at any time with a 30 day written notice and agreement that you will pay the final invoice presented.

Non Payment

If for any reason there is a non-payment for services, we retain the right to edit the website contact information so any contact information for future prospects can be routed to a different company of our choosing.



Request Information

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