Our 6 Step Process to Success


6 Steps to Performance Based SEO Success

1 - Set Your SEO Budget

Our Performance Based SEO Program helps ensure that the costs associated with your SEO and Marketing efforts don't exceed your company's budget.

Your Budget Should Cover The Following Fees

Setup Fees - 1 Time Flat Fee Per keyword Targeted

Top 3 Rankings Success Monthly Fee Per Keyword

Top 10 Rankings Success Monthly Fee Per Keyword

FAQ's Regarding Budget

What are the fees involved?

As fees can and do change we will always show our most up to date fees on our pricing page. The costs involved with this project includes a ONE time setup fee for each keyword that is targeted, Once keywords you have chosen get ranked you will be charged a MONTHLY SUCCESS FEE based on the where a keyword is ranked. A top 3 ranking generates higher fee while a top 10 ranking outside of the top 3 (ranking positions 4-10) will generate a reduced fee.

Why do you charge a different price based on where a keyword is ranked

We do this because we know that a page 2 or lower ranking (ranking of 11 or worse) gets almost no traffic and without traffic you won't be able to show a return on investment. We charge different rates for 1st page rankings because we also know that even a 1st page ranking on the bottom half of the page has a lower click through rate than a 1st page ranking at the top half of the page.

How much should I budget for this project

As with any decision the amount you should budget is an individual company decision. We believe that marketing is a fundamental expense all businesses need to consider. Since our fees are strictly based on ranking of keywords the more keywords you are ranking for the more traffic you can expect and the more money you will be able to make.

We do feel that the first goal of any marketing campaign should be for the business to see and realize a positive return on investment. If a business is able to achieve a ROI then the campaign should be labelled a success. We intentionally keep our setup and success fees low so you are all but guaranteed to be able to see a positive ROI faster than any other marketing method currently available.

We do feel that if a business wants to get off to a fast start then they should try to target more keywords. We believe in this so strongly that we offer a "1st campaign" special that gives businesses a huge incentive to start up our program by targeting over 100 Keywords (see our keyword section to find out why its quite easy to find 100 or even 1,000 "money" keywords that apply to your business.

Are Fees Refundable?

The beauty of our service is that it is 100% measurable and success oriented. If, as shown on a 3rd party ranking report, you rank in the top 3 on Google then you pay a success fee, if you rank in positions 4-10 then you pay a smaller success fee. As you only pay these fees AFTER you are showing there would be no reason to request a refund.

Setup fees NOT refundable as we use this fee to help offset the expenses of obtaining, building, developing, coding and implementing SEO as well as creating and optimizing all the content that includes both written content as well as properly licensed images.

Do I have to pay multiple Setup Fees?

Each time you add a new keyword(s) or a previously cancelled keyword you will pay a new setup fee based on the rate shown on the date the keyword is added.

2 - Choose Your Own Keywords

A keyword is a term or phrase that people use to search for information online. Our clients get to choose the keywords they want to target.

You Should Consider the Following Keywords

CORE Keywords - Primary Term(s) used to describe your service(s)

LOCATION TARGETING - Location names added to CORE keywords to target local customers

ADDED KEYWORD MODIFIERS - Additional words used to target specific services "Best", "Emergency"

Ask Us For Our "Keyword Guide for Local Business" ebook with step by step instructions

FAQ's Regarding Keywords

What is a Keyword?

Think of keywords as the specific words or phrases that people type into Google when they're looking for something. For instance, if someone wants to find a local bakery, they might type in "best bakery", "best bakery near me", "bakery near me", "fresh bread in Charlotte"", "bakery in Charlotte", "bakery in uptown charlotte"

As a business owner, when you include these specific words or phrases (keywords) in your project the correct way you're telling Google "Hey, my website is a bakery and we sell fresh bread and we are in uptown Charlotte" If you are the best at getting that message across to Google then when someone searches for those keywords, Google knows your site is relevant and will want to show it in the search results.

In simpler terms, keywords are what people use to tell Google what they are interested in. Google in turn works at guiding those people to what they feel is the best and most relevant answer that will meet their needs. If you want to be found by people looking for the products or services you provide, your website needs to target the same words and phrases (keywords) in a way that Google will make the connection between what they are searching for and what the website says you offer/provide. The better this is done the better chance your website will show up in the searchers search results.

Are you just ranking "Junk" keywords?

We will only rank "Junk" keywords if you give us "Junk" keywords to rank. We don't choose the keywords we target, we allow our clients to choose the keywords they want to target. If we feel that any of the keywords you are targeting are in our opinion "Junk" we will gladly let you know, but, as the customer you always get final say so if you want us to attempt to rank "Jimmy is the best Plumber is the state of California" we will.

How do I find keywords that make sense for my business?

We are more than happy to help you find appropriate keywords for your business. We even created an Ebook that will show you how you can discover all the keywords you may want to target. If you continue reading below we will provide you with some very basic keyword information.

1. Service or Product Name (Core Keyword)

Definition: This is the primary term or phrase that describes the service that you are offering. (you could choose broad words like "Plumbing" or Specific words like "Plumbing Repair" or "Water Heater Installations" Example: If you offer plumbing services, one of your core keywords could be "plumbing services", another could be "Plumbing Company" . Most businesses have several and can easily have dozens of "core keywords" - Although we use paid tools we created a beta tool to help you find some core keywords in your industry. click on the link and then put in the main business you offer. CLICK HERE

2. Location (Geo-Targeting)

Definition: Adding a specific town, city, or neighborhood to your keyword helps to target local customers. Failure to target specific towns, cities, or neighborhoods will prevent you from ranking in those areas Example: If your service is in Brooklyn, New York, your location-based keyword could be "plumbing services in Brooklyn" or "Brooklyn plumbers". however if you don't target specific neighborhoods in Brooklyn you will miss out on areas like Flatbush, East New York, Park Slope, Bay Ridge and all the individual neighborhoods located in and around the major city of Brooklyn. - We use a paid tool called distantias that gives us all the cities within a specific radius of your primary town, however we also created a small beta tool that can give you a less detailed list, just type in your main locations zip code - CLICK HERE

3. Keyword Modifiers

Definition: Modifiers are additional words that refine or alter the meaning of your keyword to better match the intent of the searcher. - You can use the following beta tool to get some ideas of keyword modifiers you can use on your project, just type in your niche - CLICK HERE

Types of keyword modifiers:

- Intent Modifiers: Indicate the intent behind a search, like "buy", "hire", "learn", etc. For example, "hire emergency plumber".

- Quality Modifiers: Adjectives that describe the quality or type of service, like "best", "affordable", "expert", etc. For example, "affordable plumbing services".

4. Long-Tail Keywords: These are longer, more specific phrases that are less competitive and often have a higher conversion rate. For instance, "emergency plumbing repair services in downtown Brooklyn".

We usually recommend starting off with a list of services you would like to rank for and then a list of the "cities, towns, and neighborhoods" you would like these services to show up in.

WARNING: Your list of keywords can grow very fast. (eg you have 6 different services in your plumbing business and service 10 different cities, towns, and neighborhoods) This would equal 60 different keywords (adding "Best" as a modifier now would give you 120 different keywords.)

This would be a great reason to take advantage of our First Campaign special that allows you to cap the setup fees at $1,000 in other words you only pay the setup fee for the 1st 100 keywords, the setup fee for up to 900 more keywords is waived (applies to the 1st campaign only.


How do I choose local cities/towns/neighborhoods?

You can use a paid service as we do to find all the cities, towns, and area near you - https://www.distantias.com/towns-cities-radius-calculator.php

You can use our free beta software tool to get a shorter list of starting areas CLICK HERE

Why should I target keywords in smaller, less populated cities/areas

Many people think they should only target very large metropolitan areas. The problem with that strategy is Google doesn't present results that way. If you do a search in Google and you are in the city of Charlotte it will give you what seems like Charlotte results, however if you look deeper you will see that the results will show you businesses that have targeted your neighborhood or are physically located in close proximity to you. Google typically know exactly where you are when they present results to you. You can test this pretty easy by driving around Charlotte or any other big city and doing the same search every time you drive a mile or so. I guarantee that the results of the first page will not be the same.

If your business is not physically in Charlotte but that is where you want your customers you must target the little towns and neighborhoods your customers are physically located when they search for your service. If you want all of Charlotte you must target the desired Charlotte neighborhoods separately.

What services should I be targeting

You should start off with services that provide your highest profit margins as well as any service that will allow you to make quick sales. We suggest this because the first thing you want to accomplish with any marketing campaign is to make sure you are able to show a quick return on investment.

Why should I target services that have less traffic.

Some services have less traffic than others and are many times ignored, however each client that comes in can have a very high lifetime value. If they come in for a small job they can eventually need something more costly and/or know someone that is in need of your higher ticket items.

Why do other SEO companies target just a handful of keywords

Many SEO companies don't want to target a lot of keywords because they don't want to do the associated work. they also know that if they added 20 keywords to your project they would be billing another $2,000 to your monthly fee and know they can't get away with that.

Why do other performance based SEO companies charge so much per keyword?

The process of doing SEO is expensive and they need to be compensated for their work. We have automated and systematized our entire process. This efficient process allows us to keep our fees too you very low

Why do other SEO companies charge the same for a low and high rankings?

We noticed that too! There is even one company that starts charging fees when you show up in the top 30, then a higher fee in the top 20 with the max fee in the top 10.

We are not real sure why they think its fair to charge you the same for low and high first page rankings. We charge for a top 10 ranking and charge higher for a top 3 rankings. We offer different pricing based on being in the top 3 or in positions 4-10. We do this because the click through rate is lower for businesses on the bottom half of the 1st page.

The reason we do this is because when you show up on the search results page there is a higher click through rate for a top 3 ranking than a ranking on the bottom of the 1st page. A lower click through rate means less people are clicking on the page if its at a low position. less clicks means less opportunity for you to make a sale.

Why do some keywords show a limited search volume?

One of the things companies like to highlight when they are competing against us is how when they check the search volume on some of the keywords we target it shows a limited number of searches and many times they will show a 0 search volume. This can sound concerning if logic is not used.

If you did research on the keyword "roofing company in Spencer NC" Spencer is a small town with a population of about 3,300 people. There are also 1,426 houses in Spencer and that is not counting commercial or industrial spaces. I provide these stats because common sense dictates that out of 1,426 houses combined with the commercial and industrial properties located in that town that someone is going to need a new roof and/or roof repairs. There are also 4 separate companies currently and actively paying for ads to show up in Spencer NC. Clearly someone thinks there are roofing jobs in small towns. Angi, Yellow Pages, Yelp, and other companies that sell leads are making a fortune targeting these often forgotten areas.

Do you work on national type keywords?

We don't offer national keyword SEO optimization on a performance based program. The reason is Google can easily take 2 years to allow a new website to rank on the first page, the two years would require constant content creation and the development of backlinks.

We will however entertain doing SEO for established companies.

3 - We Build Out Customized ENORMOsite Website

Our main goal for our clients when we developed this solution was to remove the inherent risk every SEO customer (regardless of the service provider) faces throughout the entire SEO process while at the same time being able to keep the costs very low so you as the customer can realize a much quicker return on investment.

We have done this by completely systemizing the website coding, building, and content creation processes to make sure our sites adhere to all the very best industry best practices standards. We do this to help ensure that our clients are able to see top 3 rankings within 30-60 days.

FAQ's Regarding Website

How big will you make this website?

We call our website ENORMOsite websites. We do this because we determined that authoritative (large content rich websites) dominate the top of the search engines. Although our sites are called ENORMOsites that doesn't mean they are the largest.

Google wants very clear information when they scan a website. they want to know exactly what keywords we should be showing up for. The best way to do this is to assign a few keywords to individual pages. The more keywords we have the more pages we must have on the website. In general to rank on the top 3 we must have 3-4 pages for each keyword we are targeting.

By having a lot of pages on our websites we become authoritative in nature and are given the benefit of the doubt by Google that we are a real company, this is especially true when visitors to our site are able to visit multiple pages throughout the site to get all of their questions answered..

Large sites give your customers a sense of authority and credibility and increase user engagement which is a strong SEO signal

How much content is on this website?

Content varies throughout the site, most pages will have fully thought out custom articles of about 1,000 words. Our writers and editors average about 75,000 words per website in its first year. We do continually add content over the life of the website.

Why are the sights so big?

We look at the top results for thousands of keywords and realized that the majority of companies that hold the top spot are companies that publish thousands of pages. Although our sites are not that big we have a huge advantage of being physically in the areas we are targeting. This combination destroys the competition.

Who owns the website?

Part of the reason we are able to provide such a low cost for our services is that we maintain 100% ownership of all the websites we build and manage. This ownership allows us to implement our entire "All the Stops" SEO program without the fear of making an investment in time, effort, and money without knowing if a customer will cancel in 6 months because they are moving to a different city or retiring.

This also allows us to quickly implement and adjust to any Google changes that occur without getting prior signoff from our customers.

Can I use this site instead of my own?

Yes, we have several clients who have decided to get rid of their existing website in exchange for this website. They like the fact that they no longer have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to upgrade their website every few years. Clients who use this site as their primary will get the benefit of always having their website up to date

What do I do with my existing site.

You can continue to use your existing site as you always have, there is some benefit that can be had if you allow us to log into the back offer to do some quick SEO and add a couple of links back to our site.

What if I want my own website worked on

We can work on your website but it would not be on a performance based basis. You would have to pay for website development as well as monthly SEO similar to traditional SEO companies

Are your websites built using any blackhat methods?

No, our websites are built using SEO best practices. We use a combination of site structure, SEO specific coding, and good old fashion content development to get websites to the top of the search engine.

Can sites be customized for my business?

Yes, we are happy to make adjustment to customize our website to match your businesses needs. Customizations we have made in the past include the following.....

About Us Details

Add Reviews

Match Pricing

Site Colors to Match Brand Colors


Phone number forwarding

Email forwarding

Services Provided

Images (before/after, staff, etc)

We can also replace articles so long as it doesn't disrupt the SEO integrity of the website.

There is something on the site that I don't want showing

We have no problem removing and/or editing content that doesn't fit with your business and/or brand.

4 - We Implement "All the Stops" SEO Throughout The Site

Our main goal for our clients when we developed this solution was to remove the inherent risk every SEO customer (regardless of the service provider) faces throughout the entire SEO process while at the same time being able to keep the costs very low so you as the customer can realize a much quicker return on investment.

We have done this by completely systemizing the website coding, building, and content creation processes to make sure our sites adhere to all the very best industry best practices standards. We do this to help ensure that our clients are able to see top 3 rankings within 30-60 days.

FAQ's Regarding SEO

What does "All the Stops" SEO Include?

One of the benefits of employing our "All the Stops" SEO program is the fact that since we own our websites we are free to attack as many keywords as needed using all the SEO concepts, strategies, and best practices available without worrying about sticking below any specific budget

Are you using any blackhat SEO tactics or techniques?

We do not employ any blackhat tactics or techniques. Doing so can hurt us drastically due to the fact that this is our own property and we do not want it to be permanently damages

What's the different between "SEO" and "REAL SEO"?

There are hundreds of companies that seem to offer "SEO" for what seems to be very little money. What they fail to tell you is that they ARE in fact selling you what a "REAL SEO" company would call a set of SEO TASKS. Imagine if "TRUE SEO" comprised of 150 individual tasks each month. These cheap "SEO" products are offering their brand of SEO by doing just 10 of these 150 tasks. To me its like ordering a sandwich and all they give you is a little bit of lettuce and a pickle. Sure this is part of a sandwich but it doesn't meet my needs

"SEO" can sometimes offer a very low cost TASK COMPLETION service but that is no more "TRUE SEO" than a lettuce and pickle sandwich a "REAL" sandwich.

We offer REAL and COMPLETE SEO on a very specific performance based business model. WE MUST RANK YOU TO SUCCEED

How do we compare traditional SEO to your SEO?

If a company is offering "REAL" Traditional SEO that is not performance based I guess they can succeed in getting you ranked similar to us, however we do compare favorably in many ways. I think what makes us stand out is as follows.......

- The fact that we do our SEO on a performance based program

- Our SEO is free to tackle hundreds and/or thousands of keywords because we only charge for successful keywords

- If you factor the number of keywords they are going after their cost per keyword far outweighs our cost per keyword

- They don't have a lot of incentive to get your keywords to the top of the search engine while we have a clear monetary incentive

- They are limited by their clients budget, they may not be able to implement an "ALL the STOPS" SEO program due to budget constraints.

- Our clients are able to see a much faster ROI because our fees are so much lower.

- We are incentivized to avoid doing anything blackhat or otherwise shady as we don't want to damage our own website.

- If Google changes the algorithm and it costs you rankings our success fees with drop while they will still keep charging you the same fee while the fix is eventually figured out.


How are fees calculated for traditional SEO companies?

In general traditional SEO companies will charge a monthly fee based on what they are trying to do. The average fees charged are about $1,500 per month for ongoing work. For this fee they work on your file for about 10 hours per month. If your project is in a competitive field they could easily go up to $3,000 per month.

However, if there is some hesitation regarding price they will quickly lower the price to match what the customer needs. Instead of $1,500 they will take $750, Instead of $3,000 they will take $1,500. They are able to do this at a cost of time. Instead of 10 hours a month they now work 5 hours a month, This reduced time dedicated to your project means your overall results will be delayed.

Using our Pay for Performance SEO you pay based on results, so if we want to slow go your project it will just hurt us.

Why does traditional SEO take so long before seeing results

If you read the prior question you saw that one of the reasons is because they are not dedicating a ton of time to your project. There are other reasons as well.....

- They don't always dedicate a lot of time to your project

- They are working around a website that was not initially built right and no desire or budget to build out a proper site

- Original site was built on a bad platform and no desire or budget to build out a proper site

- Not enough content on the site and no budget to add more

- Wrong pages set as the "money" pages

- They don't know or don't fully understand Googles latest update(s)

One of the reasons we like using our own sites is because we build them using the very best site structure, coding, and content available. This coupled with all the content we add plus the fact that we are usually the biggest and most authoritative website in the local market gives us a huge competitive edge.

Does Google make changes that will affect rankings?

Google is ALWAYS making changes. These changes will many times greatly affect rankings. Sometimes they will even destroy businesses. This is especially true when a business is using a questionable strategy that all of a sudden gets kicked by Google.

below is a link to a couple of places online where you can keep tabs on various updates Google has made.



Since these websites are ours we take great care to make sure we track google changes and adjust whenever needed.

How do you handle changes vs traditional companies?

Traditional companies are many times caught by surprise or only find out weeks later when their customers start noticing a drop in calls. We find these as follows....

- First, we do our best to know when a change is coming and assessing what we need to do to avoid being hit.

- If we are hit we are able to check the severity as we can see how it affects our overall rankings right away.

- As we own the websites we can immediately implement the changes we need right away without worrying about the changes being available in the clients budget.

- In the past we have recovered within 30 days while most traditional companies take a full 3 - 4 months to recover while still wanting full monthly payments, many times losing customer

5 - We Wait for Results

Once the website is build and the initial SEO work is complete we must wait for Google to index each page and determine where they will rank for each keyword. This process can take some time. Many SEO companies will say you will see results within 3-4 months, However due to the combination of our ENORMOsize website coupled with our "All the Stops" SEO program we typically begin seeing REAL results within 30-60 days.

Due to the fact that you are on our Performance Based SEO Program you won't pay anything until we have successfully ranked you on the top of Google. BUT...Be forewarned that over 90% of our customers receive success fee invoices within the first 30 days

FAQ's Regarding Results

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

6 - We Calculate Success Fees and Generate Invoice

Many businesses are afraid or get nervous when they speak to customers regarding money and fees. When you offer a performance based service any anxiety goes out the window. If we are charging you success fees then we are doing the job we were hired for. Your business is gaining exposure and we are proving that SEO can be done efficiently, quickly, and on a budget.

FAQ's Regarding Success Fees

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon


As a business we understand that ranking a website is just one part of what it takes to succeed, businesses must be able to convert traffic into calls and then calls into customers, and customers into a "word of mouth army"

We are in the midst of putting together a software/services suite that will help you improve your overall conversion rates at all stages of your customers sales journey. This bonus package of tools will be included free of charge for all our performance based SEO once it rolls out.

Expected Tools To Be Included are as follows

* Social Media Marketing Automation

* Email & SMS Automation Marketing

* Booking & Appt Calendar
* Reputation & Review Management

* Credibility/Trust/Expertise Stacking

* Word of Mouth Army Creation/Development/Deployment
* Customer Relationship Management System



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