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Welcome to Performance Based SEO & Marketing, where we revolutionize digital marketing with our Performance-Based SEO-Centric Marketing Suite. Our comprehensive, multi-channel approach is designed to deliver quick ROI while costing you less than $15 a day. We understand that in today's competitive landscape, simply ranking high on search engines isn't enough. That's why we've integrated a full spectrum of digital marketing services to ensure your business not only ranks but thrives.

Why Choose Us?

Multi-Channel Excellence

Our marketing suite combines the power of All the Stops SEO with GBP Optimization, authoritative website development, cutting-edge EEAT content marketing, social media strategies, and more. Each service is meticulously crafted to work together, maximizing your online presence and driving sustainable growth.

Quick ROI

We know the importance of seeing results quickly. Our unique Word of Mouth ARMY referral system, combined with our performance-driven strategies, ensures you start seeing a return on your investment in no time. Our goal is to deliver tangible outcomes that directly impact your bottom line.

Affordable and Hands-Off

At less than $15 per day plus a flexible, performance-based referral fee per closed deal that you choose, our suite provides unparalleled value. We handle all aspects of your digital marketing, from asset creation to ongoing management, so you can focus on what you do best—running your business. Our ownership of the marketing assets means you benefit from continuous optimization without any additional costs.

Our Services Include:

- All the Stops SEO: Comprehensive SEO strategies to ensure top search engine rankings.

- GBP Optimization with Extender Pack: Enhancing your Google Business Profile for maximum local visibility.

- ENORMOsize Authoritative Website: A robust, SEO-optimized website with up to 1,000 pages.

- Nextgen EEAT Content Marketing: Creating high-quality, authoritative content that builds trust.

- Lead Conversion Pro Automation Suite: Seamless lead management and follow-ups to boost conversions.

- RECTIFY Trust Development System: Strengthening your brand's reputation, credibility, and trust.

- Reputation/Review Management System: Managing and improving your online reviews and reputation.

- Social Media Marketing: Engaging strategies to grow your social media presence and drive traffic.

- SERP Saturation: Dominating search engine results pages with multiple entries.

- Keyword Avalanche: Targeting a wide range of keywords to increase visibility and traffic.

- Word of Mouth ARMY Referral System: Rapidly bringing in clients through trained brand ambassadors.

- Case Study Development & Press Releases: Highlighting your success and increasing your visibility.

Plus More..........

Join us and experience the power of a truly integrated marketing strategy. Let us help you achieve rapid growth, increase your ROI, and take your business to new heights.

all for less than $15 a day.

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Less than $15 Per Day Marketing Department

Off Site Performance Based Digital Marketing Department

Imagine having a full-scale digital marketing department without the salaries, expenses, and headaches. For less than $15 per day, our unique performance-based program offers a completely hands-off solution, providing your business with a comprehensive suite of top-tier digital marketing strategies.


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Pay Per Performance SEO

Pay Per Performance

SEO Centric Plan

Our Pay Per Performance SEO Centered program has become so popular, not only because of our unheard of performanced centric pricing that destroys everyone else, but also because of the fact that we implement an include the advanced SEO tactic called "Avalanche SEO"

Due to our low costs our clients are able to take advantage and implement our "Avalanche SEO" concept that allowed them to target an average of 250 maney keywords while on their way to dominating their local area.

Pay For Performance SEO

Based Marketing Suite

Why We Chose SEO-Centric Marketing

Since about 2022, many of our clients started asking us to expand our performance-based SEO services to include other forms of marketing. While we had always offered these services on a monthly retainer, we recognized the need for a more integrated approach.

In early 2024, Google made significant changes related to AI and the Search Generative Experience (SGE). These updates started incorporating a broader range of online activities into their ranking factors, rewarding businesses with a comprehensive and synergistic digital presence.

Clients who utilized a mix of SEO and other marketing strategies saw better results due to this multi-faceted approach. Realizing the benefits of this synergy, we developed our Performance-Based SEO-Centric Marketing Suite. This suite integrates SEO with content marketing, social media, reputation management, and more, ensuring a robust and adaptive digital marketing strategy.

Our shift to an SEO-centric marketing strategy is designed to provide a resilient and performance-based solution that adapts to the evolving digital landscape. This ensures our clients enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive marketing strategy, achieving greater success and a higher return on investment.

Pay For Performance Marketing
Intoducing Our Less Than $15 Per Day Integrated Per Closed Deal Performance Based Digital Marketing Program

Introducing our Offsite Performance based SEO & Digital Marketing Department

Comprehensive Performance Based SEO Digital Marketing Program

After extensive exploration, we are thrilled to offer a comprehensive digital marketing program that encompasses everything needed for your digital marketing success at an incredibly low price point. Imagine having a full-scale digital marketing department without the salaries, expenses, and headaches.

For less than $15 per day, our unique performance-based program offers a completely hands-off solution, providing your business with a comprehensive suite of top-tier digital marketing strategies.

Our pioneering pricing model is designed with your success in mind. The majority of our fees are linked directly to the sales you achieve, ensuring we're fully invested in your results. We take on all the costs of developing, implementing, and managing a robust digital marketing plan that includes everything from crafting a fully SEO-optimized authoritative website to executing targeted social media campaigns, deploying customized automations, and enhancing your brand's credibility and trust. Additionally, our innovative Word of Mouth ARMY referral program is engineered to deliver the fastest ROI in the industry.

Your Only Task: Answer the Phone

Your only task is to answer the phone and close deals. Let us handle the rest, ensuring your marketing is as effective and effortless as possible. This integrated holistic digital marketing program includes access to so many different forms of digital marketing, ensuring a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach to your business's success.

Our main goal is to get your business closed sales and help you achieve the fastest ROI available in the marketing industry.

Marketing Suite VS Performance Based SEO per Keyword

Performance Based Holistic Marketing VS Performance Based SEO


Performance Based SEO Centric Marketing Suite

- We become your Digital Marketing Department and use any marketing strategy at our disposal to get you sales

- ENORMOsize Website

- Keyword Avalanche

- All the Stops SEO

- EEAT Content Marketing

- Google Business Profile (GBP) with Extender Pack

- Reputation/Review Management

- SERP Saturation

- Social Media Marketing

- R.E.C.T.I.FY Trust System

- CRM Access

- DRS - Database Reactivation System

- Missed Call AutoResponder (usage fees apply)

- Appointment Automation (usage fees apply)

- Integrated Webchat

- GBP Chat

- Lead Conversion Pro Automation Suite (usage fees apply)

- Email/SMS Marketing (usage fees apply)

- Word of Mouth ARMY Referral System

Bulk of Our Results Tied To Sales | Low Costs Allow for Quick ROI


Performance Based SEO Services ONLY

- SEO based on Ranking Keywords ONLY

- Charges of up to $150 per keyword per month

- Limited Keywords Based on Your Budget

- Low Quality Content

- Low Click Thru Rates

- All eggs in one basket syndrome


Why You Should NEVER Choose Just One Form of Digital Marketing

Why You Should NEVER Choose Just One Form of Digital Marketing

Why Performance Based Marketing Should be Tied to SALES

Why Performance Based Marketing Should be Tied to SALES

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Don't Let ANYONE Make Changes to Your Website for Marketing

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How to Ensure a Quick ROI from your Digital Marketing Efforts

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What is Included in a Truly Effective Marketing Campaign

What is Included in a Truly Effective Marketing Campaign

Performance Based SEO & Marketing Services

The Most Affordable SEO Experts

of Salisbury, North Carolina and The Entire United States.

Introduction to Performance Based SEO

& Marketing

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, where strategies evolve rapidly and competition intensifies by the day, the concept of Performance Based SEO & Marketing has emerged as a game-changer. Unlike traditional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods that primarily focus on enhancing website visibility and driving traffic for a set monthly fee irregardless of specific results, Our Performance Based SEO & Marketing takes it a step further. It ties the cost of the service directly to the SALES achieved, offering a more accountable and result-oriented approach.

This innovative model, often termed 'Pay for Performance SEO', 'Pay Per Performance SEO', or 'Pay on Performance SEO', has gained significant traction among businesses seeking tangible outcomes from their SEO investments. The allure of this model lies in its promise: clients pay only when a sales is achieved. In our case we do have a very small access fee and then we tie everything else including our profits to sales you make. This shifts the focus from mere activity-based SEO to a results-driven strategy, aligning the interests of the SEO service provider with the client's business goals.

The rise of Performance Based SEO services represents a paradigm shift in the digital marketing landscape. It challenges conventional fee-based models and introduces a performance-centric ethos that resonates with the demand for accountability and efficiency in marketing spend. Companies, ranging from startups to established enterprises, are increasingly drawn to this model, looking for Performance Based companies that can deliver not just promises, but real, measurable results.

Introduction to Performance Based SEO & Marketing

Traditional SEO vs. Performance Based SEO

To appreciate the nuances of Performance Based SEO, it's essential to understand how it differs from traditional SEO methods. Traditional SEO often involves a set of predefined activities like keyword research, content creation, link building, and technical website optimization, with a focus on improving a website's ranking in search results. However, payments for these services are typically not directly tied to the achievement of anything meaning the entire financial risk is on the business owner.

In contrast, Our Performance Based Marketing is inherently result-oriented. This approach ensures that the we are as invested in the success of the campaign as our clients. We are motivated to employ strategies that lead to measurable success, rather than just completing a checklist of SEO tasks.

Different Kinds of Pay For Performance Models Available

Within the realm of Performance Based SEO, there are several models, each with their own unique characteristics:

Pay for Performance SEO: Clients pay when their website achieves pre-agreed upon rankings in search engine results.

Pay Per Performance SEO: This model often charges clients based on specific tasks that are completed.

Pay on Performance SEO: Similar to the pay per performance where the client hires a company to do a specific SEO related task.
Performance Plus Pricing Model: This groundbreaking approach ties the bulk of fees generated by the agency to sales via a per sale referral fee

Each of these models presents a different way of structuring SEO payments, offering businesses the flexibility to choose an approach that best aligns with their objectives and risk tolerance. Those seeking the absolute lowest financial risk will always want as much of their fees tied directly to sales achieved

The Growing Appeal for Performance Based SEO

The shift towards Performance Based SEO is driven by a growing demand for transparency and value in digital marketing. Businesses are increasingly skeptical of investing in SEO without a clear understanding of the return on investment (ROI). Performance Based SEO addresses this concern by directly linking costs to results and ensuring that businesses pay for tangible outcomes, not just efforts.

This results-focused approach not only provides peace of mind to clients but also encourages SEO providers to continuously innovate and employ the most effective strategies. It leads to a partnership where both parties are working towards a common goal - achieving measurable success in search engine rankings and online visibility.

In the next section, we will delve deeper into the services offered under this model, the pricing structure, and the key considerations for businesses looking to adopt Performance Based SEO for their digital marketing needs.

Results Oriented Approach

Understanding Results Based SEO, Pay on Results SEO, and Pay for Results SEO.

How Performance Based SEO focuses on results rather than just activities.

Emphasis on Measurable Outcomes

The cornerstone of Performance Based SEO is its unwavering focus on achieving tangible, quantifiable results. Unlike traditional SEO approaches where efforts might not always correlate with outcomes, this model is built around the premise of 'results first, payment later.' This paradigm shift ensures that SEO providers prioritize strategies that directly impact the client's bottom line.

Types of Results in Performance Based SEO

Improved Search Rankings: Achieving higher rankings for targeted keywords in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Increased Website Traffic: Drawing more organic traffic to the website, particularly from relevant audience segments.

Higher Conversion Rates: Enhancing the website's ability to convert visitors into customers or leads.

Sales: Performance Based Fees that are directly tied to sales never existed before now. Our Performance Plus Pricing Model is uniquely designed to minimize your companies financial risk

Pay on Results SEO

Pay on Results SEO models are particularly attractive to businesses that want to see proof of success before committing financially. Here, payment is contingent upon achieving predefined SEO goals, be it improved rankings, traffic, or conversions.

Results Based SEO: The Benefits

Risk Reduction: Clients bear less financial risk as they pay only when the agreed-upon results are delivered.This is especially true when fees are based on client sales

Motivation for SEO Providers: The SEO agency or provider is incentivized to deliver results, ensuring a high level of commitment and strategic focus. This hold true to a higher level if the agencies fees and profits rely on the clients sales

Alignment of Interests: Both the client and the SEO provider work towards a common goal, fostering a more collaborative and transparent relationship.

Performance Based SEO Services: Tailored Strategies

Holistic Approach: When an Agencies income and profits are on the line they can't help but to make sure that whatever can be done will be done with regards to marketing.

Ongoing Optimization: Continuous monitoring and tweaking of strategies are vital to adapt to changing search engine algorithms and market dynamics.

Protection From Risky Tactics: When it is your assets at risk an agency may be more willing to push boundaries putting your domain and website at risk, however if its their assets they are not likely to use risky strategies for a short term gain

In summary, the results-oriented approach of Performance Based SEO offers a compelling value proposition for businesses. This ensures that SEO efforts are directly linked to tangible outcomes, providing a transparent and accountable framework for digital marketing investments. In the next section, we will explore the benefits and challenges of this model, helping businesses make informed decisions when considering Performance Based SEO.

Results Oriented Approach

We have over 15 Years of SEO Experience and have actual proof of our results.

Proven SEO Results

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