Why You Should ALWAYS Choose Performance Based SEO Pricing


Choose Performance Based SEO Pricing No Matter What


In the dynamic world of digital marketing, the choice of an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy can significantly impact the visibility and success of your online presence. Traditionally, SEO services have been charged on a monthly basis, irrespective of the results they deliver. However, there's a more client-centric approach that's gaining traction: performance-based SEO. This model aligns the interests of the SEO provider with those of the client, focusing on tangible results rather than just efforts.

The aim of this article is to delve into why choosing performance-based SEO is a smart move for any business looking to enhance its online presence. Unlike traditional models that charge large fees from the get-go, performance-based SEO presents a more equitable and result-oriented approach. We will explore the numerous benefits this model offers, from financial advantages to the safety of your website, and how it ensures a more transparent and mutually beneficial relationship between businesses and their SEO providers.

By the end of this article, you will understand why, regardless of your business size or industry, opting for performance-based SEO pricing is a strategic move that can lead to significant online success.

Lowest Financial Risk of ANY SEO Pricing Model

The concept of financial risk in SEO investments is a major concern for many businesses. Traditional SEO companies often require significant upfront payments and ongoing monthly fees, regardless of the outcomes. This financial model can be burdensome, especially for small to medium-sized businesses or those new to digital marketing.

Performance-based SEO presents a stark contrast. Here, the financial risk is markedly lower due to the nature of its pricing structure. Initially, setup fees are minimal, and monthly charges are significantly lower than those of traditional agencies. This arrangement ensures that your investment aligns more closely with the results you see, rather than being a flat fee paid in hope of potential success.

The key advantage of this model is its emphasis on value. Instead of sinking costs into SEO without any guarantee of returns, performance-based SEO ensures that your expenditures are directly tied to tangible outcomes. This approach not only makes SEO services more accessible to a wider range of businesses but also instills a sense of confidence and security in your investment. You're not just paying for efforts; you're paying for proven results.

Furthermore, this model fosters a more equitable relationship between your business and the SEO provider. Since the agency’s revenue is tied to its performance, there is a built-in incentive for them to deliver results. This alignment of interests ensures that your business is not just another account, but a partner whose success is directly linked to the effectiveness of the SEO strategies implemented.

Opting for performance-based SEO significantly lowers the financial risk involved in enhancing your online presence. It offers a more reasonable and results-focused approach, ensuring that your investment in SEO correlates directly with the value it brings to your business.

Unparalleled Safety with Our Unique SEO Approach

In the realm of SEO, the concern for the safety and integrity of a client's website is paramount. Many traditional SEO strategies involve altering the client's site, which can sometimes lead to complications, such as penalties from search engines if the tactics are deemed too aggressive. Our approach at our SEO company is distinctively different and inherently safer.

We have developed a unique strategy where we do not use the client's website for our SEO activities. Instead, we create a separate, fully SEO-optimized website that is large, authoritative, and filled with niche-related content. This website is meticulously built following all of Google's guidelines and the best practices of the SEO industry.

The benefit of this approach is multi-faceted.

Firstly, it completely removes any risk to your existing website. Since we do not implement any SEO tactics directly on your site, there's no threat of your site being penalized or negatively impacted by Google. This is particularly beneficial for businesses that are cautious about making changes to their existing web properties.

Secondly, owning the SEO-optimized site ourselves gives us the liberty to employ advanced and innovative SEO tactics that many of our competitors might avoid. We can experiment with cutting-edge strategies and leverage a broader spectrum of SEO tools and methodologies. This freedom allows us to be more aggressive in our SEO efforts without risking the integrity of your primary website.

This unique strategy not only ensures the safety of your website but also provides a robust platform for us to deploy the most effective SEO tactics. The result is a powerful, dedicated SEO presence that works in parallel with your main site, driving traffic and improving your online visibility without any of the risks associated with traditional SEO methods.

In essence, choosing our SEO services means opting for an innovative, risk-free approach. We manage everything on our dedicated platform, ensuring that your main website remains untouched and safe, while still reaping all the benefits of a strong, aggressive SEO campaign.

Performance based SEO website protected

Pay-for-Performance with Exceptional Offers

The cornerstone of our SEO service is our pay-for-performance pricing model, which is designed to align our success with yours. This model is particularly advantageous as it ensures you are only charged based on the results we deliver – specifically, your website's ranking on the first page of search engine results.

Low Per Keyword Setup Fees and First Campaign Bonus

We understand that cost is a significant consideration for our clients. Therefore, we have structured our services to have low per keyword setup fees, making it financially feasible for businesses of all sizes to access top-tier SEO services. Moreover, we offer an enticing first campaign bonus where new clients can waive the setup fee for any keywords past their first 100 (up to 900 additional keywords). This offer is designed to lower the barrier to entry for businesses looking to make a significant impact in their online presence without the upfront financial burden typically associated with SEO.

Tiered Success Pricing Structure

Our pricing model is further refined through a tiered success system. We categorize our success fees based on the ranking positions achieved. If your keywords rank between positions 4 to 10 on the first page, we charge a lower success fee.

The rationale behind this is straightforward: we recognize that click-through rates (CTRs) for these positions are naturally lower than those at the top of the page. We believe in fair pricing that reflects the value delivered, so our highest fees are reserved only for top 3 rankings, where CTRs are significantly higher.

This tiered pricing model is beneficial for several reasons:

Fair Pricing: It ensures that you pay in proportion to the visibility and potential traffic your keywords garner. Lower rankings, while still valuable, are priced accordingly.

Transparency: It provides clear expectations. You know exactly what the costs will be based on specific ranking outcomes.

Incentivized Performance: It motivates us to strive for the highest possible rankings, as our revenue is directly tied to our ability to deliver top-tier results.

Benefits of First Page Rankings

Ranking on the first page of search engine results, especially in the top positions, is crucial for visibility and click-throughs. Our tiered pricing structure is designed with the understanding that the value of each ranking position differs. By charging based on ranking results, we ensure that our goals are perfectly aligned with your desire to achieve the most visible and effective position on search engine result pages.

Our performance-based SEO model, coupled with low setup fees, a generous first campaign bonus, and a fair, tiered success pricing structure, offers an attractive and risk-free option for businesses aiming to boost their online presence. Our approach ensures that you get the best value for your investment, with pricing that is directly correlated to the success and visibility of your SEO campaign.

Scalability of SEO Efforts with Our Cost-Effective Structure

In the competitive landscape of online search, the correlation between the size and authority of a website and its search engine rankings is undeniable. Most high-ranking positions in traditional search queries are occupied by large, authoritative websites. This is where the scalability of our SEO services, enabled by our cost-effective structure, becomes a game-changer.

Advantage of Building Large Authoritative Websites

Our approach allows us to build and scale large, authoritative websites dedicated to your niche. These websites are rich in content, optimized for SEO, and designed to rank high in search engine results. The size and authority of these sites are crucial factors in outranking competitors and capturing significant online traffic.

Low-Cost Structure Enabling Expansion

One of the key advantages of our service is the ability to scale at a relatively low cost. Traditional SEO companies often charge high fees that escalate as more keywords are targeted or as the campaign grows in complexity. In contrast, our low-cost structure provides a unique opportunity for businesses to expand their SEO efforts without the prohibitive expense.

This scalability means that you're not limited to targeting just a handful of keywords. Instead, you can aim to rank for hundreds, or even thousands, of specific, revenue-generating keywords. This extensive coverage is not just a matter of quantity; it's about creating a broad and dominant online presence that captures a wide range of search queries relevant to your business.

Outpacing Competitors with Traditional Fees

Businesses working with traditional SEO agencies often face budget constraints that limit their ability to scale. Our model removes this barrier, giving you an edge over competitors stuck with traditional pricing models. While they struggle with budget limitations, your SEO strategy can continuously grow, targeting more keywords and capturing more market share online.

Long-term Growth and Online Dominance

The ability to scale your SEO efforts is not just a short-term advantage. It's a strategic move towards long-term growth and online dominance. As your dedicated websites grow in size and authority, they become more resilient to changes in search algorithms and more effective in maintaining high rankings.

The scalability offered by our low-cost SEO structure is a significant advantage for any business looking to establish a commanding online presence. It allows you to target a broad spectrum of keywords and build large, authoritative websites, providing a competitive edge that businesses with traditional SEO pricing models simply cannot match. This approach not only enhances your current online visibility but sets the stage for sustained growth and success in the digital realm.

Our Strong Motivation: Investing Heavily for Rapid and Effective Rankings

Our approach to SEO is fundamentally different from the traditional monthly fee model, primarily in terms of motivation and investment. While typical SEO companies charge ongoing fees with no direct link to performance, our model is rooted in the confidence of our ability to achieve rapid and effective rankings. This confidence is so strong that we are willing to invest resources for an ENORMOsite website buildout and ALL the STOPS SEO program that would typically cost thousands of dollars.

Investment in Rapid Success

We understand that in the world of SEO, time is of the essence. Achieving a high ranking quickly not only benefits our clients but also serves as a testament to our expertise and efficiency. Unlike monthly fee-based companies that may lack urgency, our investment in your success is immediate and substantial. We allocate significant resources upfront to build out large, authoritative niche websites that are specifically built to rank, ensuring that the SEO groundwork is robust and poised for quick results.

Confidence in Our Ability to Rank

Our willingness to invest heavily in your campaign stems from a deep-rooted confidence in our SEO strategies and skills. We know that we can not only rank your keywords but do so effectively, quickly and sustainably. This confidence is backed by a history of successful campaigns and a profound understanding of SEO best practices. By absorbing the bulk of the initial costs and inherent risks, we demonstrate our commitment to your success.

Aligning Our Success with Yours

Our business model is designed so that our success is directly tied to yours. We only succeed when we deliver results, which means our goals are perfectly aligned with your objectives. This alignment motivates us to focus on what really matters: getting your keywords to rank high, and doing it quickly.

Long-Term Partnership and Trust

This approach also fosters a long-term partnership based on trust and mutual benefit. By investing in your campaign from the start, we show that we are not just a service provider but a committed partner in your growth. This level of investment and dedication is rare in the SEO industry and is what sets us apart from traditional, fee-based SEO companies.

Our motivation to achieve rapid and effective rankings for your keywords is reflected in our willingness to make substantial upfront investments. This approach not only accelerates the SEO process but also builds a foundation of trust and partnership, ensuring that we work tirelessly towards achieving and maintaining your top rankings.

Ongoing Optimization and Adaptability: Our Competitive Edge

In the ever-evolving landscape of SEO, the ability to quickly adapt to changes is crucial for maintaining and improving search engine rankings. Our unique approach, where we build and own the SEO-optimized websites, grants us the agility to implement changes both quickly and aggressively. This capability sets us apart from traditional SEO companies and ensures that your SEO campaign is always at the forefront of the latest trends and algorithm updates.

Rapid Implementation of Changes

Owning the websites we optimize gives us unparalleled control over the SEO process. When search engine algorithms change or new best practices emerge, we can respond immediately. This quick adaptability is vital in an industry where even a small delay in implementing updates can lead to a drop in rankings. Unlike traditional models, where changes must be coordinated with the client and often involve a slower process, our direct control allows for swift and decisive action.

Proactive Adaptation to SEO Trends

The world of SEO is constantly changing, and staying ahead requires a proactive approach. We continuously monitor the SEO landscape to anticipate changes and adapt our strategies accordingly. This forward-thinking mindset ensures that the websites we manage are always optimized according to the latest standards, giving you a competitive edge.

Immediate Awareness of Performance Changes

One of the most significant advantages of our model is the immediate feedback loop regarding our SEO efforts. Should there be any fluctuation in rankings or a drop in performance, we know right away. This immediate awareness is crucial for two reasons:

Prompt Response to Issues: If rankings drop, we can quickly diagnose and rectify the issue. This rapid response minimizes the impact on your online visibility and ensures continuous performance.

Alignment with Success Fees: Since our revenue is directly tied to successful rankings, any drop in performance affects us too. This creates a natural incentive for us to maintain and improve your rankings consistently.

Contrast with Traditional SEO Companies

Traditional SEO companies that fail to adapt to changes continue charging their clients, often without delivering improved results. This situation can persist until the client realizes that their SEO strategy is outdated and ineffective. In contrast, our model is built on accountability and results. If we miss an update or a shift in SEO best practices, it directly impacts our success fees, prompting immediate action on our part.

Our unique ability to implement changes quickly and aggressively, due to our ownership of the website, is a significant advantage in the dynamic world of SEO. This agility, coupled with our proactive approach to staying abreast of industry changes and the immediate feedback on our performance, ensures that your SEO strategy is always cutting-edge, effective, and aligned with the best interests of your business. Traditional SEO companies simply cannot match this level of responsiveness and alignment with client success.

Long Term Value and ROI with Our Low Fee Structure

Achieving a positive return on investment (ROI) is a fundamental goal for any business investing in SEO. Our unique low fee structure significantly enhances the potential for a quick and substantial ROI, distinguishing our services from traditional SEO models. This section will elaborate on how our approach ensures long-term value and easier achievement of positive ROI.

Enhanced ROI Through Low Setup and Success Fees

Our pricing model is designed to maximize your ROI from the outset. The combination of low setup fees and success-based pricing means that your initial investment is minimal. This structure dramatically reduces the financial barrier to entry, making it easier for businesses of all sizes to engage in effective SEO without the burden of high upfront costs.

Moreover, since you only pay for tangible results (i.e., high rankings), every dollar spent directly contributes to your business's online success. This direct correlation between expenditure and outcome makes it easier to achieve a positive ROI quickly, as the costs are only incurred when the desired results are achieved.

Long-Term Value Through Sustainable SEO Practices

Our SEO practices are not only designed for immediate success but also for sustainable long-term results. By building large, authoritative websites and employing the latest SEO strategies, we create a digital asset that continues to drive traffic and generate leads over time. This long-term perspective means that the value of your investment grows, further enhancing your ROI.

Additionally, our ability to quickly adapt to changes in the SEO landscape ensures that the websites we manage remain competitive. This ongoing optimization is crucial for maintaining high rankings and continuing to reap the benefits of high online visibility.

ROI and Business Growth

The ultimate aim of our SEO strategy is not just to improve rankings but to contribute meaningfully to your business growth. By targeting a wide range of relevant keywords and continuously expanding our efforts, we drive more traffic to your site. This increased traffic leads to more leads and, ultimately, more conversions, which translates into business growth and a higher ROI.

Comparison with Traditional SEO Companies

Traditional SEO companies often charge high monthly fees regardless of results, making it challenging to achieve a quick ROI. Our performance-based model, with its lower costs and payment for results, offers a more efficient path to a positive ROI. You see value for every dollar spent, and the risk of investment is significantly lowered.

Our low fee structure, combined with a performance-based approach, offers a compelling proposition for businesses looking to maximize their SEO ROI. By minimizing upfront costs, paying for results, and focusing on sustainable, long-term strategies, we ensure that your investment in SEO translates into tangible business growth and a substantial return on investment.

Transparency and Trust in Our SEO Approach

In the world of SEO, transparency and trust are crucial for a successful client-agency relationship. Our approach to SEO emphasizes these values not only through our performance-based pricing model but also through our commitment to providing clear, unbiased, and regular reporting of results. This section will discuss how our methods foster transparency and trust, distinguishing us from traditional SEO companies.

Regular, Third-Party Verified Reporting

One of the pillars of our service is the regular reporting of results, which is facilitated by a reliable third-party service. This objective reporting ensures that you can see real, unbiased results of our SEO efforts. Unlike reports that might be subject to interpretation or manipulation, our third-party verified reports provide a clear and honest picture of how your keywords are performing.

The benefit of this approach is twofold.

Firstly, it allows you to track progress in a transparent manner, ensuring that you are always aware of how your investment is performing. Secondly, it builds trust, as you have independent verification of the results we claim to achieve.

Contrast with Traditional SEO Reporting

Traditional SEO companies often provide ranking reports as a measure of success. While this is a common practice, it's important to note that in traditional setups, these companies get paid the same regardless of what the report reveals. This can sometimes lead to a lack of motivation to improve underperforming keywords or strategies, as their revenue is not directly tied to their success in improving your rankings.

Our model is fundamentally different. Since our remuneration is based on successful rankings, our goals are perfectly aligned with yours. This means that every report you receive is a direct reflection of our performance and, consequently, our earnings. We are incentivized to continuously improve and maintain high rankings, which is evident in the regular updates you receive.

Building a Relationship Based on Results

By choosing our SEO services, you are opting for a relationship that is based on measurable, transparent results. Our reporting keeps you informed and involved in the SEO process, creating a partnership based on mutual trust and respect. This level of transparency is not just about accountability; it's about building a relationship where you can see the value of your investment.

Ensuring Your Satisfaction and Success

Finally, our approach ensures that your satisfaction and success are at the forefront of our efforts. Traditional SEO companies may not have the same level of commitment to client success, as their payment is not directly linked to performance. Our model ensures that we are as invested in your success as you are, and our regular, transparent reporting is a testament to this commitment.

The transparency and trust built into our SEO approach set us apart from traditional SEO companies. By providing regular, third-party verified reports, we not only ensure that you are always informed about your campaign's performance but also establish a relationship based on trust, results, and a shared commitment to your success.


As we reach the conclusion of our comprehensive overview of why choosing performance-based SEO is a wise decision, it's important to revisit and summarize the key points that highlight the advantages of our unique approach compared to traditional SEO models.

Affordability and Low Financial Risk: Our performance-based SEO model offers a financially accessible entry point with low setup fees and monthly charges, significantly reducing the financial risk compared to traditional SEO companies. This cost-effective approach makes high-quality SEO services available to businesses of all sizes.

Unparalleled Website Safety: By building and optimizing a separate, authoritative website for your SEO efforts, we eliminate any risk to your primary site. This approach allows us to apply advanced SEO strategies without the fear of negatively impacting your website, ensuring its safety and integrity.

Clear, Result-Oriented Pricing: Our pricing model is transparent and tied directly to results – you pay for performance, specifically for rankings on the first page of search results. This approach aligns our goals with yours, focusing on achieving measurable and tangible outcomes.

Scalability and Long-term Online Dominance: The ability to scale your SEO efforts is greatly enhanced by our low-cost structure. This scalability allows for the targeting of a wide range of keywords, fostering long-term growth and establishing a dominant online presence.

Rapid and Effective Results: Our motivation to achieve top rankings quickly is evident in our willingness to invest heavily in your campaign from the start. This investment reflects our confidence in our ability to deliver rapid and effective results.

Adaptability and Continuous Optimization: Our control over the SEO-optimized sites allows for swift implementation of changes and adaptations in response to search engine algorithm updates. This agility ensures that your SEO strategy remains cutting-edge and effective.

Maximized ROI and Business Growth: The combination of our low fee structure and performance-based model facilitates a quicker and more substantial return on investment, contributing significantly to your business growth.

Transparency and Trust: Regular, third-party verified reporting of our SEO efforts provides you with an objective view of your campaign’s progress, fostering a relationship based on transparency and mutual trust.

In essence, our performance-based SEO model offers a unique blend of benefits that traditional SEO companies cannot match. From financial accessibility and safety to scalability and adaptability, our approach is designed to align closely with your business goals, ensuring a partnership that is focused on delivering real results and fostering long-term success.

By choosing our performance-based SEO services, you're not just investing in a marketing strategy; you're partnering with a team that is as committed to your success as you are. This commitment is reflected in every aspect of our approach, from our innovative pricing model to our continuous optimization efforts and transparent reporting. With us, you can be confident that your SEO strategy is in capable hands, working tirelessly to improve your online presence and drive your business forward.



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